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Feel Good, Look Good

Here are tips to make you feel and look good - physically, mentally and emotionally. Give it a try - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You truly deserve it!

  • Turn the shower to cold for 30 seconds every morning. A cold shower leaves you feeling warm, invigorated and awake.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. It rehydrates, revitalizes, cleanses your skin, flushes you out and invigorates.
  • Reduce coffee to one cup per day. See how your skin tone changes, your sleep gets deeper and you feel more relaxed
  • Eat at least 6 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday. Give yourself a revitalizing energy boost.
  • We wash our hair and our faces everyday but we cannot take out our internal organs and rinse them through, so give your liver a boost. Eat a bunch of red grapes. Take a fresh garlic clove or garlic tablet. Drink a glass of carrot juice. Drink some green tea.

  • Do something to make yourself laugh. Laughter is one of the best stress relievers and relaxers.
  • If something bad happens, think of 3 steps to turn it into something good. Decontaminate your mind. Change the negative to positive.
  • Do at least 30 minutes of exercise every other day. Climb the stairs. Walk in a mall, go window shopping. Vacuum every room. Work out. This will keep you fit and healthy, get rid of the extra pounds and bulges and make you feel energized.
  • Sit up straight. Don't slump. Give youor internal organs the room to spread and operate in the optimum space they need and deserve. your body will be able to detox effectively leaving you feeling healthy and refreshed.

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