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Oily Skin

To help normalize oily skin, avoid spicy foods, reduce oils and fats in diet and drink six to eight glasses of water daily.

For a refreshing facial, fill a spray bottle with water and 1 teaspon of salt, then spray the solution on your face. Blot dry with a towel.

For a quick facial mask, try a paste of warm water and oatmeal for 10 minutes.

For a quick facial scrub, Apply raw oatmeal mixed with olive oil and scrub your face in gentle circular strokes to exfoliate the skin. Wash off with tap water.

If you are out of astringent, mix calamansi juice or dayap juice or lemon juice with a little cool water and use cotton balls to wipe your face. You can also freeze the solution in ice cube tray then run the cube over your face when you feel hot.

To remove make-up, mix a teaspoon of powdered skim milk with warm water and apply with cotton balls. Then wipe with tissue and blot dry.

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